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The line...



As much as I admire beautiful calligraphy, I am most definitely not a calligrapher. I've tried but I just don't have what it takes...the patience, the persistence, the skill, Besides, my hand shakes a little now, and with each passing year my writing looks more and more like my grandmother's did. But instead of trying to tame it, to control it, I've decided to let my mark sing, sigh, sob, howl, lament, exclaim and exalt.  

THE stroke...


Even though most of us learned to write using the same rules and the same type of lined paper, somehow we each ended up with handwriting that's absolutely unique, and that changes and grows as we do. Even if you and I had identical names, our signatures, our marks, would look completely different. And even if we were each to try to draw a straight line by hand, there would be a perceptible difference. I love that!    

THE gesture...