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L.A. is a cultural mecca...with the Getty Center, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Bergamot Station (in Santa Monica, part of L.A. County), the Venice galleries, the downtown galleries, art walks here and art walks there, it's a feast for the senses. And yet there just aren't that many live workshops taught by working artists in a wide variety of media. MAKE ART IN L.A. was born to change that.

Art. Such a small word for something that encompasses so much. In the visual arts alone, there's a world of art forms and materials to explore. Choose a medium that speaks to you...watercolor, encaustic, paste paper, handmade books, jewelry making, linocut, mixed media, photography (and many more to come)...whether you're inexperienced or want to hone your skills, MAKE ART IN L.A.!  

If you live in L.A. or want to visit L.A., taking one of our workshops will enhance your experience. It's as simple as that. 


Make Art in L.A. is really about you, because without enough "yous," we're not going to thrive. So please get involved...register for a workshop, tell your friends, share our Facebook page, and sign up for our newsletter below. You can even let us know if there's an art instructor you think we should invite, or a class you'd like to take that isn't offered.

Sure, online art workshops abound...you can learn without leaving home, and in your PJs. But LIVE workshops are magical...there's an energy, and a synergy, that only happens when like-minded people get together to create. It's a lot of fun, you'll meet some great peeps, and you can't beat the personal attention. So YOU...come play! 


Barbara here...some of you may know me as Barbara Smith (of B Smith Photography), but I got married not too long ago and now I'm Barbara Buckles. Hello, and welcome!

Just a little background in case we've never met: Over the last 20 years I've published photography-based greeting cards, written two how-to books on creating keepsake photography items, developed a unique process — the Auratone — for making luminous images reminiscent of vintage Daguerreotypes for prints and jewelry, taught numerous workshops, and offered DIY kits via my photography website and online shop. Whew!

Although I'm primarily a photographer, I've always had a yen for art supplies, and over the years I've been migrating slowly but very steadily towards the fine art world of book and paper arts, drawing and painting, collage, encaustic, mixed media...you name it and I've dabbled in it. In the course of said dabbling, I've become acquainted with some pretty amazing artist instructors both in person and online, and now it's my pleasure to share their considerable talents with as many people as I can.  

I invite YOU to join me and MAKE ART IN L.A.!  


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