Guest Post: Jeannine Stein

I'm often asked how I got started making handmade books, and the answer is simple: I took a class. I had done lots of paper crafting and was looking for a new challenge, and I thought this sounded like fun.

©Mark Elson Photography

Little did I know that one class would result in a years-long love affair with making books. But that's the amazing thing about workshops — they fuel your creative soul and whet your appetite for more.

I've made hundreds of books since then, and I never tire of that thrilling moment when paper and board or leather come together to create a book. The best part of teaching is seeing that look of satisfaction on someone's face when they realize they've created a unique piece of art with their own hands.

The feeling of accomplishment that comes with making a book is like no other. Perhaps it's because of the possibilities books give us: They can be filled with stories, artwork, secrets — the list is limitless. In the process of teaching bookbinding and book arts, I like to throw in a lot of techniques in the hope that people will take that knowledge and run wild with their own ideas.

I hope I get to share my love of making handmade books with you at one of the Make Art in LA workshops! I'm happy to answer any questions you have, so feel free to email me at