First Up!

© Dorrie Rifkin

So excited to announce our first artist/ DORRIE RIFKIN! 

Dorrie is actually the inspiration for Make Art in L.A.. I came across her work while on the Daniel Smith blog...she'd been chosen as one of their 11th Annual Art Contest winners and I was immediately taken by her style. Went to her site, saw that she teaches, wrote to ask if she had plans to teach on the west coast and she wrote back, "No, but I'd like to!" And the rest is history...okay, her-story.

Although her cityscapes are a marvel of design and technique, since I'm pretty much a loosey-goosey type artist (meaning I don't have a lot of patience), I personally am drawn to her beer bottles. (That, and I like to throw back a cold one on occasion.) So in that spirit, cheers: 

Here's to beer!