The Art of Journaling

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I first became enamored with art journaling when I stumbled upon Sabrina Ward Harrison's book, "Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself," and then fell hopelessly in love with the medium when I purchased a catalog of Peter Beard's African diary pages from the '60s. Each is replete with  annotations, inscriptions, drawings, objects and photographs, and each offers a portal into a soul. Dan Eldon is another pioneer whose amazing chronicles offer profoundly personal insights into a creative mind and, in his case, a tragically short creative life.

When I recently saw Brian Kasstle's art journals, first in Seth Apter's book, "The Mixed Media Artist," and then online, I felt that same sense of awe that someone was able to put his personal experience into such an artistically compelling and appealing context without sacrificing passion, intensity or integrity.

I'm beyond thrilled to announce that Brian is teaching two workshops for us. Read all about them here, then sign up and transform your life into art.