Two New Workshops!

So excited to announce not one but TWO new workshops...Linocut 101 with Joseph Vorgity, and Crystal Neubauer's Intuitive Collage with Mark-Making! Check them out on The Workshops page. 

I met Joseph Vorgity at the L.A. Printers Fair (where else?) having bought notecards from him there three years in a row, and in January I had the pleasure of visiting his home studio. Visiting an artist's workplace is right up near the top of my list of favorite things to do, and this time was no exception. Joseph was in the process of creating an edition of hand-carved individually pressed cards, and dozens of them were "hanging out to dry" (in a positive way :) around the studio.

While Vorgity's work is evidence of not only his skill as a printmaker but as an artist of fine caliber (including watercolor and papier maché), linocut printing is actually quite simple and something that can be done by those of us with more meager talents; a simple sketch can render wonderful results! A quick search on Etsy or Google will show you what I mean. Also, think graphics such as words or symbols, or stylized sketches and shapes.

Did you know that Picasso and Matisse  (among other masters) were accomplished linocut artists? I love how  with just a few lines, their unique style is instantly recognizable.

Next up: Meet Crystal Neubauer!

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