"A Little Big Book of Dreams" was one of our more feminine-themed workshops as would be expected taught by an admitted girly-girl like Holly Stinnett. 

Holly was an avid Barbie collector back in the mid 90's, and when she had the opportunity to move to L.A. from northern California, she knew she wanted to work for Mattel. Within weeks of landing at LAX, she was brought in to work in their Consumer Affairs Department, and once they found out that Holly had endless knowledge about Barbie, her history, and the fashions, they set up a special "help" line to connect other Barbie collectors to her. They all spoke the same language, and Mattel loved it.

After about seven months Holly moved on to another division, but the time she spent being the "Barbie expert" is one of her fondest memories during her seven-year tenure there. Her association with the company ended back in 2002 and she went on to work for other great companies such as Disney and Warner Bros. Now she wears many hats, teaching art being one of them.

Lots of new faces in this workshop, lots of girl talk, and lots of big smiles. Holly will be back with a completely new project…stay tuned!


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