I'm Totally Charmed

On Friday my husband and I headed up the coast to one of our favorite spots, Morro Bay, for a mini vacay. As it happens, a jewelry artist I was hoping to enlist as a workshop instructor lives not far from there near Avila Beach, and she invited me to drop by. That artist is Riki Schumacher and I'm beyond thrilled to announce that she's now onboard!  

Laden mannequin in Riki's studio and her adorable Havanese, Mattie (inset).

Riki's little studio was a feast for the eyes, as are her vintage-inspired creations. I swear I thought about asking my husband to head up the coast without me and I'd catch up somehow...I could have spent hours talking with Riki and nosing around her studio filled with eclectic treasures, but I was good.  We quickly agreed it would be great to do a workshop together combining my Auratone process with her jewelry design...that part was easy. The hard part was coming up with a date...Riki is a sought-after teacher and her calendar for 2014 was rapidly filling up. 

Over the next few days the emails flew back and forth between us as we nailed down the details. And now, voilà!