Well, 2015 sure started off in high gear…two two-day workshops in January, the first with art journalist Orly Avineri, the second with mixed media artist Seth Apter…a dynamic duo, to be sure! Having broken my hip over the holidays, I wasn't sure I'd be able to pull it all off, but somehow I did and boy was it worth it!

Orly has a unique way of teaching that is so personal, it just draws you into the warmth of her creative aura. She leads with her heart, and you follow with yours. In this workshop, "Mapping Me: Passport to Journal," old passports were transformed into visual journals filled to bursting with ephemera and bits of this and that. Along the way, students were treated to examples of her young nephew Gil's innovative recycling-as-art-journaling and the story of how their heartfelt exchange inspired her to pursue this particular format as a workshop. Participants also shared the often moving stories behind their passport journals...it was a meaningful experience all around.

Seth's first workshop, "52-Card Pick-Up," was the perfect way to start the year…making the most of the synchronicity of a deck…52 cards, and a year…52 weeks. Students created a mixed media unbound "journal" to be used to document a year in their life week by week. Tons of simple yet eye-popping techniques for creating layers and textures and collage resulted in tables overflowing with unique works of art…winning hands for everyone. Day 2, "Picture Windows" was so filled with exciting and enticing new techniques for creating a die-cut photo album cum wall hanging that we ran over on time and never even had time to take a class photo. Seth will definitely be back!  

2015 promises to be a winning year…some favorite instructors are coming back, and some new ones are joining our little community. Last year at this time, the workshops were only a dream…today they're a dream come true, thanks to YOU! Best wishes for a happy and fulfilling year! 


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