Chris Cozen Part 2

Colorful Chris Cozen was back for Part 2 in our "Playing With Paint" acrylic series. I say "colorful" because Chris is more comfortable yet daring in her use of color than anyone else that comes to mind. She casually picks up just the right shade of yellow (Hansa) and mixes in just the right shade of blue (Teal) to make just the right shade of green for the piece she's using for her demonstration and in doing so gives everyone else the courage to experiment with the extensive array of Golden Acrylic paints she's brought with her for our unlimited use. 

The fun doesn't stop there. The subtitle of this workshop is "Pigment, Paper & Pattern: Intuitive Painting Techniques"...countless stencils are daubed, myriad hand-painted and decorative papers are torn, more paint is applied, multiple layers are created. Time rushes by until, in what feels like the blink of an eye, lo and behold, mixed media masterpieces have taken shape on every student's work surface, and class has reluctantly come to an end. 

Playing with paint, indeed!