Dorrie Rifkin Watercolor Workshops

Dorrie Rifkin Watercolor Workshops

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Award-winning artist Dorrie Rifkin shares her uncommonly fresh approach to watercolor: One, have a good time. Two, hone your design skills (that's the advertising art director in her). Three, adapt the result to your own style of painting.

All workshops are designed for beginners and advanced students and include demonstrations, personal instruction, and critiques.

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(Note: Materials for these workshops are not included in the registration fee. Click here to download Dorrie's supply list. All items are available at your local art/crafts store or online at,, or Dorrie will be bringing a supply of her favorite Strathmore watercolor board, available at the workshop for $5 per board.)

It's Still Life - Saturday, March 8, 2014 (10:30-4:30) - $95

Emphasis On: Design - Wednesday, March 5, 2014 (10:30-4:30) - $115

Emphasis On: One Point Perspective - Thursday, March 6, 2014 (10:30-4:30) - $115

Emphasis On: Graphics/Typography - Friday, March 7, 2014 (10:30-4:30) - $115

Emphasis On: 3-Day Workshop - Wednesday, March 5 - Friday, March 7, 2014 (10:30-4:30 each day) - $325

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Dorrie Rifkin shares techniques and tricks developed over her successful career as an art director turned artist. If you've always wanted to try your hand at watercolor but didn't know where to begin, these are the workshops you've been waiting for! And if you're not a beginner, join us to learn some exciting new skills that are sure to take your work to the next level.

In her one-day It's Still Life workshop, designed especially for those who wish to loosen up in watercolor, Dorrie will demonstrate how to make a quick painting from both a photograph and a live still life of a simple everyday object...i.e., guitar, bottle or can with label, fresh fruit, etc. Working in your sketchbook, you'll follow suit. Later, you'll graduate to a tighter painting on higher grade watercolor paper. At the end of the day, Dorrie will offer you an encouraging evaluation identifying strong points and possible improvements or alternatives.

Dorrie's Emphasis On workshops (available individually or as a series) are for those who wish to strengthen their design and composition skills and will include sketchbook studies and painting using a photograph (yours or hers) as a reference. The emphasis on Day 1 is Design; on Day 2, 1-Point Perspective; and Day 3, Graphics/Typography.

Please bring a sack lunch...there's a fully equipped kitchen on site if you need to refrigerate or heat something up. There is also a Trader Joe's and a Ralphs supermarket in walking distance.

Dorrie Rifkin has been an award-winning art director for over thirty years. She is a signature member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, and the Northeast Watercolor Society. Rifkin was profiled in Watercolor Artist magazine's December 2010 "Ones to Watch" feature, and Strathmore Artist Papers has also written her up in their spring 2011 newsletter. Her east-coast themed prints have adorned sets and locations on NBC's Prime Suspect TV series as well as Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Fox. 

To learn more about Dorrie, visit her website at